Sunday, March 6, 2011

More summer fun, and some not so fun time

McKade was obsessed with feeding the cats and the cats learned this quick. Everytime we were outside he would go directly for the cat food box and get handfuls out and drop it all over the porch. As you can see this cat was begging or thanking him for the extra food.
In August McKade started to run a super high fever, we are talking 105-106 degrees. Of course I was freaking out with such a high fever, we were alternating tylenol and motrin continually and fever wouldn't break, poor kid was miserable. Took him to the doctor and everything looked good and he thought it was Roseolla which is a virus that is characterized by a super high fever for several days and then finally the fever will break and within 24 hours the kid will develop a rash all over their body. Well I trusted the doctor and hoped this was all it was because his throat and ears were all good and just rode the fever into the weekend. Our pediatrician is great and had told me if he got worse to just call him, one perk of working at the hospital is that I know all the doctors cell phones so Saturday or Sunday night (can't remember) when I was bathing him and he was still burning up and his temperature was something like 106 I called the doctor and told him that I trusted that this was probably just a virus but was getting a little freaked with these high temps. He had me take babe to the hospital to get some labs drawn to just check to see if it looked bacterial or not. We ended up just putting an IV in since we were drawing blood just in case his labs weren't good and unfortunately the arm we were able to get it in was his thumbsucking arm. We were leaving he was fussy and tired because it was late and he was trying with all his might to get his thumb to his mouth but with the arm board he just couldn't do it. Anyways just like the doctor thought his labs were fine and the next afternoon I think he finally broke out in the rash the only lasted a few hours and then was gone. McKade hasn't really been one to get sick often so this was the worst thing we have had to deal with and he was so miserable. I remember I called my brother in law and asked if he would give the babe a blessing because nothing I was doing was helping the fever. I cried during this because I couldn't help but think the my dad was there trying to help comfort my poor little baby. Not fun to have a sick baby because there is only so much you can do.

Above is the rash, hard to see in this picture but it was all over his trunk, looked like it would be irritating but he didn't seem to mind. Below is the poor tuckered out baby after labs and IV. As soon as my friend called me later that night with his labs we took out the IV so he was able to suck his thumb.
We discovered this summer that McKade loves corn on the cob, give him an ear and he will clean it completely. Of course I'm finding remnants of the corn for days in his diapers.

We bought a hiking backpack this summer and were able to use it a few times. He seems to enjoy it and it's much easier carrying him like this. Such a big boy.

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